Themed routes

Because this world is made up of many weird and wonderful people with a range of preferences, we have come up with five themed routes to suit your favourite flavour of travel. As an Adrenalin Junkie, you like to come in hot, partaking in any and every activity that will give you that fix. Maybe you’ll keep going like that until you burn out, or maybe you’ll mellow out and get in touch with your inner Culture Vulture, sipping on fine wine one day, cycling around the township the next. But even if you don’t consider yourself the ‘outdoorsy’ type, you simply could not ignore that Nature Lover in all of us, with so much beauty around. And what trip would be complete without letting your hair down a little and really Feelin’ the Vibe? After all this excitement, however, one does eventually start wondering about something to take back home... like the rewards that come from learning something new or giving back.

South Africa Road Trip

In April, Travel Concept Solution helped top Italian blogger Francesca Di Pietro (Viaggiare da Soli) & top Italian video blogger Angelo Lo Presti (SuperJab) plan and find partners for their South Africa Road Trip. As we have worked with local and international bloggers from around the world, we thought it would be interesting to ask […]

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Letting your hair down in awesome places

Written by Meruschka Govender MzansiGirl Facebook: Twitter: Getting around If you’re going to party, the easiest way to get around is via Baz Bus. Just hop-on and hop-off without having to worry about getting lost. As a solo traveller, the Baz Bus is a great way to make friends en route, so […]

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Exploring the land of plenty

Written by Dawn Jorgensen – The Incidental Tourist Facebook: Twitter: Starting in Cape Town, the sweetheart of South African destinations and a place that demands a lingering look at her cosmopolitan mix of attractions, natural beauty and generous beaches which will hold your attention. Marked by the iconic Table Mountain, with internationally […]

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Making friends in the Rainbow Nation

Written by James Bainbridge From the colourful houses of Cape Town’s Bo-Kaap neighbourhood to the woodcarvers chiselling away in Limpopo’s artistic Venda region, South Africa’s culture is an inspiring reflection of its diverse society, and a passport to unforgettable travel experiences. A major highlight of most South African holidays is Cape Town, the Mother […]

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