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Nomad’s story began over 16 years ago when Alex Rutherford, founder and owner of Nomad, was fortunate enough to have conducted a trans-Africa expedition lasting almost a year. On that journey he encountered numerous companies offering trips to Africa. A void was noticed between strictly budget tours and the more upmarket operations. It was on that trip that the founding principle of Nomad was formed: Do it better and do it for less. In those days we had one truck, 2 employees and one departure a month. Over the years we’ve grown to a fleet of around 40 vehicles, 130 staff and 40 scheduled departures a month all over Africa, traveling through Southern & East Africa, with tours ranging from 2 – 56 days.

Important facts that give Nomad the Edge

  • More Departure Dates
  • More Tour Options
  • Competitive Prices
  • 100 % African owned
  • Quality, Service Excellence & Value for money
  • Passion, Innovation & Experience
  • Reliability, Efficiency & Safety
  • Quality & Value for Money (more activities included)
  • Service & Efficiency
  • Fun & Adventure
  • Integrity & Honesty
  • Professionalism


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