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Soweto is an abbreviation for South Western Township. The township is famous all over the world for its resistance during Apartheid. It was the home of many of South Africa’s most prominent political leaders. Today, Soweto represents the modern history of a free and democratic South Africa. Here, millions of Sowetans from all South African tribes live together in squatter camps, ‘matchbox’-houses and some mansions here and there.

Soweto is life. Hawkers sell their wares on every street corner, kids play soccer on makeshift fields and the churches throb to the sound of gospel music. At night the shebeens, taverns and night clubs offer local entertainment. For visitors Soweto there is excitement, adventure and fascination. For millions of residents, it is home.

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    Lebo's Soweto Bicycle Tours

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    Lebo’s Soweto Bicycle Tours are a popular and eco-friendly way to explore Soweto. Go out with our local guides for a half or a full day cycling tour around the community and get to know what makes this township unique. During the tour you can enjoy traditional food and enjoy local brewed beer.